Hot Times in San Antonio (October 13 – November 13, 2017)

We decided to return to San Antonio so that Jan would be in a familiar location for the two weeks Phil returned to Malta for work. We had stayed at Traveler’s World twice before so we knew it provided a safe and well maintained campground that was convenient to both downtown and the freeways.

Jan’s friends, Sheila Gaskin and Michelle DeBartolo, flew into San Antonio Saturday morning, October 14th.  Phil left for his two-week contract assignment in Malta just a few hours later.

This was Phil’s fourth trip to Malta in 14 months. Once again he stayed at the Westin Dragonara, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. The weather in Malta in October was very nice, with highs around 75 and lows around 65. Although the weather was too cool and windy for the pool to be an option, Phil and his colleagues ate many meals outdoors with views of the Mediterranean.

View from the balcony of the Westin Dragonara, overlooking the Mediterranean

Meanwhile, back in San Antonio, Jan kept quite busy with her friends. After Phil’s departure, they took the bus downtown and had dinner on the Riverwalk. On Sunday, October 15th, they drove to Luckenbach and Fredericksburg to do some sightseeing. On Monday, October 16th, they explored San Antonio on the Hop-on, Hop-Off bus. On Tuesday, October 17th, they went to the Aztec Theater where they attended “Get the Led Out,” a tribute to the rock band Led Zeppelin. Michelle flew back to Tennessee on Wednesday evening but Sheila stayed on for another week.

On Thursday, October 19th, Jan and Shelia went to see “The King and I” at the Majestic Theater and enjoyed the show a lot.

On Sunday,  October 22nd, Jan and Sheila went to Sea World for a day of fun. Sheila left on Tuesday to return to Tennessee.

Phil returned on the evening of Saturday, October 28th.  We spent a very relaxing week after Phil’s return, in large part due to hot and humid weather. The daytime highs were in the mid-80s and the humidity was stifling so we spent most of the week indoors enjoying our air conditioning. Phil took advantage of this downtime to finish some work he had started in Malta, as well as finalizing our travel plans for the balance of 2017.

On Saturday night, November 4th, we forced ourselves to brave the hot weather and ventured downtown for “Opera in the Park.”

The hot temperatures continued for several more days and then dropped like a rock. On November 7th, we spent the afternoon at the campground swimming pool and enjoyed the 80 degree weather. The next day, the afternoon temperature got down to 46 degrees. Although the weather did climb back into the 70’s during the balance of our stay in San Antonio, we really didn’t do anything noteworthy. We both had dentist appointments; Jan had her annual physical; and Phil took both vehicles for their annual inspections. We had been experiencing a slow loss of tire pressure in one of the RV tires so Phil removed the tire and took it to a tire dealer to have it inspected. He first learned that Discount Tire doesn’t handle truck tires so he then had to take the tire to a commercial truck tire dealer. They couldn’t detect the source of the leak so, for now, Phil will have to continue to add air each time we travel. It’s a hassle but, fortunately, we have a portable air compressor.


One thought on “Hot Times in San Antonio (October 13 – November 13, 2017)

  1. Had a wonderful visit with my longtime friend who is like a sister to me. We lived together in our college years and I think we could live together now!! Thanks for the good times again!!

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