370 Lakeside RV Park, St. Peters, MO (October 22-29, 2015)

In order to attend the wedding of Phil’s niece on October 24th, we needed to find a campground near St. Louis, but not right in the city.  Phil found the 370 Lakeside RV Park in St. Peter’s to fit the bill.  It came highly recommended in the online reviews and was only about 40 minutes away from the wedding and rehearsal dinner venues.

370 Lakeside appears to be a fairly new city park on the edge of a decent-sized lake.  There is about a 3-mile paved trail around the lake.  Although there are no mature trees on the property, it was a nice, clean campground.  There were canoes, kayaks and bicycles available for rent but the fees seemed rather pricey.

By the time Phil booked the reservation, there were no pull-through sites available.  However, he was offered a large back-in site that was considered a “premium” site since it was right next to the lake.

image image

We arrived mid-afternoon on Thursday and, after checking in at the office, proceeded to our site.  Using the training from RV Driving School, Phil attempted to back into the site with Jan attempting to guide him in.  One of our neighbors must have known it was show time as he came out of his rig and sat in his lawn chair to watch.  At first, Phil thought he was going to have success but started to panic when he saw how close he was coming to hitting the tree and rig across from our site.  Before long, we were joined by two of the neighbor men who provided advice as to how to get us backed into the site.  After a number of back and forth attempts, we managed to get our rig backed into the site and right next to the hook-ups.  All’s well that ends well!

We spent a nice week in St. Peter’s.  We attended the rehearsal dinner on Friday evening, the wedding on Saturday evening and a post-wedding brunch at Phil’s brother and sister-in-law’s house on Sunday morning.

image image

The weather was rather overcast for most of the week and extremely windy most days.  We don’t know if the wind was the result of Hurricane Patricia that had hit the Pacific coast of Mexico but it was quite strong and lasted for days.  We put down our outside rug but needed to weight it down with the pumpkins Jason had bought us to keep it from blowing away.

The area around St. Peter’s turned out to be pretty nice and we visited a number of the stores during our stay to add to our collection of RV life necessities.  Phil took the truck to the local Ram dealer to get a safety recall issue addressed and to get them to add air to the dual rear tires.  Phil has still not found an easy answer for adding air to these tires and the Internet hasn’t been much help.  For every suggestion, there is a response saying why that suggestion won’t work.

The weather improved enough one day for us to walk the loop around the lake.  We wished we had brought our bikes with us.  We did stop to talk with a gentleman about the bike rack he had on his car and got some good advice from him.

Phil assembled the Weber grill and grilled burgers one night despite the wind.  We had intended to grill again on our final night but the wind was just too strong for that.  Instead, we visited with Cody and Liz and got to meet their new daughter, Claire.


After our week-long stay in St. Peter’s we packed up on Thursday morning and headed off to Poplar Bluff.  We stopped off in Jackson, MO at another DRV dealer to see about getting some warranty work on a small crack that Jan had discovered in the fiberglass.  The service manager at the dealership examined the crack and will be filing a claim with DRV.  We hope to get the crack repaired during our stay in MO.

image image

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