The Dream

Although our RV adventure didn’t begin until October 2015, we had begun talking about it several years before.  While we appreciated the steady income that our jobs provided, we were increasingly less satisfied by the “sameness” that we sensed with each passing year.  Mondays were harder to face each week.  Returning from vacations would only fill us with the desire to be on vacation again.  Phil couldn’t stand his boss and Jan, although appreciative of being allowed to work from home by her client, was ready for a new chapter in her life. We were both in our 50s but increasingly found ourselves talking about what we would do when we retired.

Since we both enjoyed traveling and had no family ties to the Chicago area, we often kicked around the idea of getting an RV and touring the country.  But since neither of us had much recent camping or RVing experience, we knew we had a lot to learn before we could venture off on the road.

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